Strive Sports Athletic Training

STRIVE Athletic Trainers are certified healthcare professionals who are the experts in sideline sports injury management.

Know the facts and don’t get caught unprepared! 90% of athletes have been injured while playing sports. 54% of athletes play with an injury such as a sprained ankle or even a broken bone. Most kids seen in the ER for sports related injuries are 13-15 years old. Many times, these injuries can be AVOIDED!

STRIVE Sports Athletic Trainers Work With

  • Traditional Athletes
  • Non-School Based Athletes of All Ages
  • Colleges/Universities – Varsity and Club Sports
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Physician Offices
  • Industrial Athletes in the Work Environment
  • Military Athletes
  • Performing Arts and Musical Athletes

STRIVE Sports Athletic Trainers Provide

  • Coverage of Practices, Games and Tournaments
  • Education for Parents, Coaches and Athletes
  • Sideline Clinical Evaluations of Injured Athletes
  • Immediate and Emergency Care
  • Clinical Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Concussion Management
  • Injury Prevention and Wellness Programs
  • Immediate Triage and Scheduling with Doctors

For more information, contact Paul Kasper at or (856) 435-2323