Strive PReP Program

Strive Post-Rehab Performance (PReP) Program

Strive Physical Therapy at the Field House offers their Post-Rehab Performance (PReP) Program.

A licensed physical therapist at Strive will perform detailed functional tests to determine an individual's deficits, limitations, and risk of re-injury on the first visit. The results if these tests will allow the physical therapist to establish goals and a training regimen. Strive Physical Therapy Trainers will implement an individualized training program.

The PReP Program focuses on:

  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • Neuromuscular Reeducation
  • Core stability, as well as development of the ability to habitually engage the core correctly during his/her specific sport.
  • Upper and lower extremity strength training required for injury prevention, as well as the achievement of maximum sport-related potential.
  • Speed, acceleration, and mechanically sound multidirectional movement.
  • Endurance enhancement, both cardiovascular and musculoskeletal.

To enhance this program, Strive utilizes the renowned platform Move2Perform. Move2Perform is the leader in return-to-sport and return-to-work software available today. Move2Perform is a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury.

STRIVE's Post-Rehab Performance (PReP) Program is provided at the following location:

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