Patient Testimonials

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to your members at the Burlington location. I had rotator surgery and needed PT. I selected your location and was truly impressed with the entire operation. The reception, customer focus, and professional dedication of your team was exceptional. I’d especially like to recognize my PT Katie Erikson. She was personable, professional, and really worked to ensure my recovery went smoothly. She is a truly dedicated member of your team and should be commended for her work ethic and personal demeanor. Thanks again for a truly pleasurable experience!

Mark knew what he was doing; in all my years of therapy Mark was the best. He gave me Physical Therapy that worked for me. He knows his career very well. He knows what the patient needs to get better. Thank you so much Mark!

I did a solid double pirouette on Monday and I felt like a real ballerina! In that moment I told myself I needed to follow through and write to you, and thank you, not only for the wonderful explanations and practical help, but for believing that I can do this. Also, of course the better my technique is, the less problems I have with pain. I still have to push past some fear, but it’s not nearly as anxiety provoking. I keep reminding myself that I would not have improved this much without the information that my injury has sent me. Thank you so much Stasia!

Mr. Herkloz, Mr. Muir & Ms. Martin,

I have been receiving therapy for my right knee at the Delran Strive office. I am contacting you to say how much I appreciate the warm & professional atmosphere that is provided. The staff works well with each other & with all clients. I have been to another therapy office, when I lived in another area, & I can say that I know the quality of care that is provided at Strive. Everyone who has worked with me, has helped me to recover physically, & has helped to improve my spirit as well. From the ladies at the front desk, to Bin, Kevin, Kiev & all the other staff, the atmosphere is one of caring & sincerity. I am grateful & appreciative for all the help that I have received. I will highly recommend Delran STRIVE to others. I wish you all the best & continued success in your business of helping other people.

Maria C.

Since July, my Mom has been participating in LSVT BIG at Strive Physical Therapy in Voorhees, NJ. Mom’s LSVT BIG certified therapist, Mara, has helped my Mom to become more confident and aware in her overall movement and as a result of the LSVT therapy, Mom’s chances of falling have been greatly reduced. She has also been sitting in her wheelchair less and using her walker instead when we are out for doctor visits, going to church or shopping. If you or someone you know has PD, I strongly urge you to research LSVT BIG and talk with your doctor about the benefits of this program. You can learn more by visiting


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Hi Melanie,

I want you to know what a difference you have made in my life. Mark asked you some time ago to work with me on my Parkinson’s Disease of 4 years duration. Full disclosure: in over 50 years of Family practice I had never referred even one Parkinson’s patient for Physical Therapy. It was my Neurologist, Dr. Abidi who referred me because I had never heard of the LSVT treatment for my problem.

When you and I started, it took all of 45 minutes to go through the 10 routines. For most of them, you had to hang on to my sweat suit to keep me from falling over. What was even more embarrassing, you had me shouting “HA!” as loudly as I could. With frequent rest periods, and your infinite patience, I began to pick up the pace as the weeks went by.

Three months later, now, a radical change has taken place. I can race through my set of exercises without a rest in less than 15 minutes, and I average doing them 4 days a week at home. I get in and out of my car effortlessly. I walk with ease and with longer strides. It is easier to stand straight. I was able to sing Christmas carols for the first time in 2 years. My mood has improved.

I have been around long enough to recognize superior performance in our medical profession. You are very skilled in the LSVT treatment program. In addition to being very talented, you are kind, very patient, and inspire hope that change can take place and that hard work will be rewarded.

So, Melanie, I am in your debt, and it gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude to you.

Best wishes to you in your chosen profession,

Dr. Winston

Good morning Mr. Muir,

I was referred to your facility by my primary healthcare professional at Triboro Family Physicians in Cinnaminson. I received physical therapy at your facility three times a week for a six-week period. I recently completed my therapy and with that I wanted to express to you how thoroughly pleased I was with the professional care I received at Strive Physical Therapy.

At my initial visit I was greeted by Jana Barmasse, PT, DPT. From that first visit and throughout each of my “healing” sessions Jana addressed and assessed the level of pain I was experiencing, any pain I may have been having between sessions and always asked about my home exercises. At the end of each of my sessions with Jana I could feel the progress I was making. The home exercise program that she created to address my problems and strengthen my cervical and thoracic muscles and posture were, and continue to be valued tools. Jana is a very compassionate, friendly, attentive and thorough professional who always provided time to listen and respond to all of my questions/concerns. She even brought the skeletal spine model over to me to provide a visual when answering some questions I had.

Dave, a Physical Therapy Assistant, also provided attentive direction and assistance during my exercises. The front office staff was always courteous.

The professional atmosphere, cleanliness, and attentiveness of the staff I came in contact with at Strive provided a wonderful experience.

Thank you,
Nancy M.

Dear Mark Muir,

I wanted to tell you that Chris Keating is a wonderful Physical Therapist. Your office was recommended by two of my friends very highly. I got success right away, Chris and his GREAT assistant are the best at explaining and making sure that I understood my therapy. The staff at Marlton STRIVE, Phillip, Drew and Meg are so efficient. My dizziness was gone after the first day of therapy.

Thank you. Your staff is so good and kind.

Martha W.

The time I spent with Tom and other members of the staff was great. The therapy that was provided cured me! I’m thankful to Dr. Paz who recommended that I come here. Again the staff here at STRIVE have been great. I could come here just for the workout. Again, I say thanks for your professionalism and support to help me.

Kenneth W.

Dear Jana, Dave and Strive Staff,

Thank you so much for helping me out this summer with my injury. Your smiles, friendliness and encouragement was awesome and made my Strive experience great! I’m so thankful to have such great people wanting to help me get healthy. I can’t wait to be back on the track running with my teammates in my Duke uniform!

So thanks again, not only from me, but from my trainer, coach and teammates. #GO DUKE

Holly B.

Hi Jamie,

I just had to drop you a line on what a great facility you have at Strive! I could not let another day go by without letting you know. If you are not a solo owner, and do have partners, please share my email.

I have been to a few physical therapy locations in my life, and yours, in all of my experience, is the best hands down. I have never been treated, and taken care of, with so much one on one care. I almost feel as if I have private time as you do when someone comes to your home. You are not just left alone to do your exercises, like I have had in the past. Especially my therapist Mark Kelly makes sure that I am doing what is needed and correctly, not just show me and walk away. I have had some different injuries in the past, and that was how I was treated and released. Mark also took the time, while I was there, to call my Dr. We both found the doctors instructions were vague, and Mark wanted to make sure he was going to treat me to get me to my best end result.

Half my career was a ballet dancer and teacher, the second half has been working for a corporate insurance company that is also largely health care.

I am so taken by your operation, and all of your staff! I have told everyone from my doctors, coworkers, friends, and neighbors, they should only come to you. Please keep up the great work and also please give yourself and all of your staff the pat on the back you all deserve.

Thank you,
Christine D.

Dear Amanda,

It is hard to put into words how thankful I am for what you have done for me with your Active Release Technique training. It has been years that I have suffered with elbow and shoulder issues. I was too scared to address them due to fears of the surgeries and possible problems that incur with the standard treatments available. Then I was blessed to be referred to you by Jamie at Strive. Amanda, your clear dedication, relentless commitment, and diligence to your diverse physical therapy talents were very clear to me when I was introduced to you for evaluation. My confidence in your abilities led me to follow you to take on my treatment with confidence. I knew I could count on you, your amazing skills have been invaluable to me and I am so very grateful to you. I am for the first time in many years finally gaining a pain-free life.

Gillian C.

Dear Mark,

I was recently a patient of Strive Physical Therapy two separate times between the dates of April, 2012 to February, 2013. My first visit to Strive was for therapy following knee arthroscopy surgery for two torn meniscus. The second time was for total knee replacement surgery. Each time I had Mr. Bin Woo as my therapist.

I am writing this letter to let you know what excellent care I received from Mr. Woo. He is a wonderful and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. He was patient, encouraging, and pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. Without him, I would not be where I am today. Our goal was to get my knee extension to 130 degrees and that goal was achieved. You are very fortunate to have him as part of your team. I would highly recommend Mr. Woo and Strive Physical Therapy to anyone in search of excellent Physical Therapy.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Woo and the team at Strive for helping me accomplish my goal. You are the best!

Very Truly Yours,
Karen A.K.

Dear Lindsey,

Now that my therapy has been successfully completed, I must tell you that I will miss my Strive family immensely. It was with a heavy heart walking out the door this afternoon. Thank you and the staff of Strive (especially Jason, Yvette, Barb, Dave and so many others) for the outstanding help and patience extended to me with my back and shoulder issues. The care and attention I received was outstanding and helped me considerably to regain much of my physical agility.

I commend you and the staff for the professionalism and dedication shown to me on each and every visit. It was truly like visiting “family” at every session. In past years, I had used several other therapy centers, but none can compare to Strive. In the future should I need physical therapy Strive will be the only place I will consider and recommend to my friends and neighbors.


Helen W.

After I had shoulder surgery, my doctor told me I was going to need at least 4 months of Physical Therapy. I thought that PT was going to be a huge burden because of the time commitment and all the work that was involved. However, the therapists at Strive made my treatment enjoyable and their great personalities made me want to come in for therapy. Strive therapists aren’t just all business – they become your friends and partners in your treatment. I have no doubt that this helped me reach nearly full recovery in under 4 months because I had great support and the desire to work on my shoulder.


After being diagnosed with a severe herniation of the L4-L5 disc, my doctor advised I was likely going to need surgery but suggested I try physical therapy first, in hopes of avoiding surgery. Since I have never needed physical therapy before, I asked around for a reputable physical therapist. A close friend (who also happens to be an orthopedic surgeon) recommended Strive Physical Therapy in Moorestown. When I arrived for my first appointment, I was in significant pain and was convinced that physical therapy would be a waste of time, for I was destined for a surgical remedy. My physical therapist, Brian Blatt, listened carefully to my symptoms and explained, in detail, the physiology of my injury and how physical therapy might help. Brian’s knowledge and obvious competence immediately made me more optimistic that this might actually work. For the next six weeks I saw Brian 2-3 times per week. Although I had some setbacks, Brian always remained positive and focused. What I appreciated most was Brian’s genuine concern for my well being and his sincere desire to help me. I am proud to say that I have avoided surgery and have just received the news that my injury is healed. I am currently pain free and getting back to my routine (which my kids especially enjoy now that Dad can play with them again). Strive has earned my appreciation and respect. Additionally, I was most appreciative of Brian’s compassion and professionalism during my treatment. Thanks Strive!


I would like to offer my sincere thanks all members of the Strive Team, and most particularly to Amanda Reifler, my Physical Therapist at the Moorestown office, for your highly competent and caring support in the treatment of my torn rotator cuff. Frankly, I was amazed to see how quickly my entire shoulder area recovered from my injury. From my initial consultation with Amanda, through 4 weeks of deliberate exercises and stretching routines, I made steady progress. The pain was gone… and I was able to start playing tennis again! I also want to add that Amanda’s practice of ART (Active Release Therapy) during the “stretch out” period at the end of each session really “hit the spot” for me. Inevitably, I felt better, looser and stronger after every visit. Thanks again, Amanda and Team Strive, for being there for me when I needed you!

Bill A.


I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the great progress we made with my neck, shoulder and arm pain. I came to Strive Physical Therapy with severe pain in my neck, shoulder and left arm. With your help to diagnose what was the problem and proper treatments we were able to alleviate the pain. Then your spot on methods to control the pain with posture correction and exercises to relieve the muscle strain and tension, worked within just a few short weeks. Since working at the computer is my primary job I needed to have a solution that will work now and in the future. You have given me the tools to allow me to alleviate the problem before it escalates again.

Thanks so much for your help and support.

Sue R.

From my first phone call, to setting up and scheduling appointments, to the actual PT experience I have to say STRIVE PT is an exemplary team of great professionals. Erich and Staff, you’re the best and I really appreciate all the help you gave me. Feeling stronger every day!

Lynda J.

I had terrible back pain and my doctor suggested I go to STRIVE for some therapy. On my first visit I could not sit without pain, I spent a lot of time up on my feet or stretched out on my side. Needless to say there was not a lot of relaxing going on in my life. When I met Jamie she was so nice and gentle with me. I left that day feeling better just knowing she would help me. It took three weeks of treatment to feel so much better and I am back to doing all the things I love. I know that exercise is important to keeping my back in shape so I also decided to join STRIVE as a member in order to make that happen. The end result is I could not be happier with the results I received.

Joan D.

Dear Strive Team,

We would like to thank you for all you did to rehab our daughter Katie. Past experiences with other PT treatments did not impress us. STRIVE is a completely different experience. Your office workers made it easy from the start by doing all the work getting her care approved. Her care was beyond first rate. Each of your staff members made sure she got the care she needed. Katie was treated as an individual. Her needs and goals were an important part of her care. Your staff took the time to realize how important it was for her to get back to being able to swim pain free.

I would particularly like to commend Jamie and Lindsey for their care and concern. Their constant re-evaluations kept Katie moving forward and provided her with the information Katie needed to understand why and how each exercise was to be done. They understood she was motivated and they pushed her. Thank you very much. Since she has been discharged, she has figured out a routine that includes her rehab exercises.

The best compliment I could pass on is that Katie is looking at becoming a physical therapist now. She saw what could happen when physical therapy is done the right way. She would like to do the same.

Ann and Joe G.

My experience at STRIVE has been awesome!! Everyone that works at STRIVE makes it such a friendly place and they make it fun. Mark, Erich, Lindsey and Adrian are the best therapists I have ever met, they are kind and caring! Heather, Gretchen, Nancy and Kate couldn’t be more helpful and accommodating when making appointments or helping with insurance issues. STRIVE makes you feel like family!! There is no other place I would ever recommend, only STRIVE!! I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!!

Daniele K.

I will tell you that you are in good hands when you come here. They are knowledgeable, pleasant and genuinely concerned about you.

Bill K.

What I like about STRIVE (besides feeling better than I have in 2 years) is the warm, attentive, one-on-one nature of the therapy. I work with the same physical therapist every time, which gives the therapist the opportunity to correct any movements that might be counter productive to my recovery. It’s almost like having a personal trainer.


STRIVE has a relaxed, professional approach in treating their patients. The care and attention Mark and Erich show each person is exemplary. My experience with them has been very positive, sometimes painful (out of necessity), and very progressive as far as attacking and addressing the specific rehabilitation required for my return to full mobility and function. I don’t believe I would have recovered this far, this fast at another facility.

Ed W.

I would like to take this chance to thank you guys for the awesome care you have been giving me over the last month. When coming here from [another facility], I honestly had no faith in therapy, but this experience has given me hope. It is amazing how much you guys care about your patients and not the number of them. Thanks again. See you Monday.

Scott R.

I have been going to Strive Physical Therapy due to an elbow injury. I am really glad I chose to go to Strive for many reasons. First, both Mark and Erich are very knowledgeable and professional Physical Therapists, who have worked hard in getting my elbow back into shape. Secondly, when you walk into Strive, you are guaranteed to get individualized attention, and the atmosphere is relaxed and personable. You feel like they really care about your progress. Lastly, STRIVE’s staff, Nancy and Kate, are very courteous, professional and friendly from the time you walk in the door to booking your appointments!

Physical Therapy is hard work, but at Strive you not only get great care for your injury, but you also have an environment that is fun and friendly. I highly recommend going to Strive for your physical therapy needs!

Melissa B.

This experience with physical therapy is my first, and it has been a rewarding one. My first impression of STRIVE was that of a clean, organized, uncluttered facility. The office staff was next, and I am impressed by their pleasant demeanor and by their efforts at accommodating the therapy sessions to my schedule. And finally, the professional staff. I have found (from my own experience and from my observations of the process in general) that the therapists care about their clients, that they listen to their clients and that they are relentless in their instructions, exhortations and encouragement. I feel that they want me to succeed in this process – AND I AM.


I severely dislocated my shoulder while [snowboarding|playing sports] leaving me with a semi-functional right arm. My doctor highly recommended Strive Physical Therapy. Mark Muir & Erich Herkloz patiently worked with me to get me ready for surgery, giving personalized attention and answering all my questions. Following my shoulder reconstruction, they worked with me from not being able to even lift my arm to getting ready for rock climbing! While going through this tough time I’ve been extremely grateful for all of their hard work, professional care, and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere Strive provides.

Jaan T.

Before coming to STRIVE PT, I was treated at two other facilities where I was just a number. At STRIVE PT everyone from the staff to the patients know your name, laugh, joke and have a good time while you’re treated. Everyone seems to enjoy being at STRIVE.

Bill H.

My name is Allan and I am a resident of Moorestown. I started at STRIVE to rehab my knee, which 6 months before had become infected after arthroscopic surgery to correct a meniscus tear. The infection necessitated several additional surgeries and prolonged my recovery time. As a result, I had no strength in my leg and after not making any recovery at another physical therapy provider, my Doctor sent me to STRIVE for focused, attentive care to get me back to where I needed to be. This was an extremely difficult task, but Mark and Erich quickly got me on a program where I made steady, consistent progress under their direct supervision and care. Due to this personal attention and numerous creative ways to consistently build muscle, I have returned to running and I’m on the road to complete recovery. I couldn’t have done this without them. Unlike some therapists, Mark and Erich will give you the personal attention you need, in a well appointed, first rate facility that is so convenient for Moorestown, Mt. Laurel, Bordentown and the area. They will work closely with you towards your recovery, through hard work and thoughtful care in a very positive and supportive environment. I couldn’t recommend anyone more than STRIVE.

Allan S.

Having spent over 20 years working with hundreds of professionals in many fields, I have not before seen more caring individuals than Mark and Erich at STRIVE. I have battled injuries throughout my adult life, but only when I came to STRIVE for a bad back injury, did I find “partners” for the fight. They are not afraid to push a patient past their comfort zone and are great in communicating the benefits of all exercises. Keep doing great work!

Mike B.

My wife says I’m high maintenance and so when I looked around for the best physical therapy provider, I was drawn to the testimonials by STRIVE patients who uniformly suggested Mark and Erich because of their guaranteed one-on-one individualized, hands on work. An important fact for a high maintenance guy. I wasn’t let down. Mark and Erich have lived up to their advanced billing and have become trusted members of my healthcare team. STRIVE gets my highest recommendation!

Tom M.

I would like to take the time to thank the people at STRIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY for the excellent work that they provide. I started with STRIVE in early December and have improved over 80% with my problem. The physical therapists Mark and Erich are excellent with working with your problem areas and know all the right steps to almost instant relief. The staff they have are professionals and very courteous to all patients and work with you to make appointments that work around your schedule and not their own. I recommend anyone that is having problems and needs physical therapy to make STRIVE your first choice as the provider.

Rob P.

Having previously experienced physical therapy with another larger practice, it was refreshing to find STRIVE.
Mark and Erich are the most dedicated professionals I have met, truly committed to the successful treatment of each and every patient. The attention, care and time spent with me made all the difference in my full recovery. The willingness of previous patients to strongly recommend STRIVE is the best testament to how truly special this PT practice is.

Mary B.

I came to STRIVE in a lot of pain. With the guidance of these trained professionals and some work on my part, a lot is different now. They showed me how to fix the problems I was having and how to keep the problems from coming back. A couple of hours a week with them and a half hour a day on my own works wonders!

Brad J.

I came to STRIVE holding the belief that my career as a professional baseball player was over due to the tear in my labrum. I immediately found the staff to be incredibly knowledgeable and determined to get me back on the mound. Although I was only with them for a short time, I took the knowledge and exercises I was taught with me and was pleasantly surprised to be throwing pain free once the spring came around. If it wasn’t for STRIVE, my career very well might have been over.

Justin K.