Ménière’s Disease

There are a few symptoms that set Ménière's Disease apart from other causes of vertigo: hearing loss, ear fullness and the recurring nature of this disease. Structurally this diagnosis comes with a buildup of fluid in the inner ear. Symptomatically it can cause dizziness, off balance, lightheadedness, headache, ear pressure, sound sensitivity, hearing loss or increase in tinnitus/ ringing in the ear. Symptoms are going to vary throughout the course of the disease preceding, during and after an attack with the most violent symptoms occurring during an acute attack.

The cause is generally unknown; however, theories include circulation problems, viral infections, allergies or immune reactions, migraine or a genetic condition. Ménière's Disease is incurable and progresses into late stage where hearing loss is more significant and symptoms are more persistent and pronounced. This includes violent vertigo requiring a safe environment or hospitalization depending on the duration of the episode/ attack.

Treatments include medications during and in between attacks, a low-sodium diet, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, or in rare cases, surgery. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy aims at assisting the brain in adjusting to the new balance signals following an episode. A vestibular trained Physical Therapist will challenge the patient in a safe and controlled way to increase safety and independence.

To learn more about Ménière's Disease and other causes of vestibular disorders visithttps://vestibular.org/ for more information.

Stasia Bahring

Stasia Bahring, PT, DPT
Clinical Director - Sewell

Stasia graduated from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in 2009 with her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. With undergraduate degrees, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Bachelor of Science in Biology, she has been dancing, performing and teaching throughout her scholastic studies. She has advanced teaching certifications through the Cecchetti Council of America in the Cecchetti method of ballet which gives her an intimate knowledge of the physical demands, injuries and pressures of performing artists. While continuing to blend passions for the physical therapy and dance professions, she is certified in Active Release Technique for the lower extremities and head of Strive's Performing Arts Significant Interest group. She is thrilled to be a part of team Strive and hopes to further clinical knowledge in McKenzie and manual therapy courses.

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