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Direct Access is getting you the care you deserve, faster.

In a new generation of healthcare that includes instant gratification through mediums such as urgent cares, comes the most overlooked, and useful, healthcare act that is signed into law in many US states, including New Jersey. It is called Direct Access, and it is making patients' lives a whole lot more manageable quicker.

Direct Access in Physical Therapy removes the need for physician prescriptions and allows the patient to go directly to a physical therapy provider for an evaluation. While a physical therapist sometimes obtains the same reputation as someone who administers medieval torture, they also are credited with being healers that can alleviate pain in a timely and natural fashion. For instance, a patient who is suffering from Vertigo or BPPV can usually expect prominent side effects such as dizziness to subside after just a few sessions. Attending a physical therapy evaluation can decrease acute back pain, ankle, as well as many other types of pain as well.

Direct Access is a testimony to how much education and schooling that physical therapists actually need to go through. For example, if there is a more substantial issue that is discovered during a physical therapy evaluation, that patient is referred out to a specialist by the therapist.

Moving forward, if you tweak your back while golfing, roll your ankle while running, or anything within the realm of physical therapy, just stop into any of our offices to stop your discomfort.  Or you can contact us here!

For more information on Direct Access and its benefits, visit WebPT!

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